Dark Wood Floors

Dark wood floors are an increasingly popular choice in flooring thanks to their versatility and durability. Bringing far more life than your average flooring, the dark wood floors colour can bring out the true history and richness within the home, combining with modernised designs and finishes. With contrast against lighter coloured interiors such as your furniture, walls and final touches, dark flooring is a great way to connect a room together. At Urbane Living, our collection of Dark wood floors includes a range of designs and structural choices to select from.

Our comprehensive collection of high-quality Dark Wood Floors include extra wide engineered dark tone wood flooring with boards up to 50cm wide. If you’re looking to find something a different compared against the more traditional style of dark wood flooring, we have a variety of Parquet options available in nearly all our colours giving choice and flexibility. Our value range products are in stock and ready for immediate delivery. Species including American Black Walnut, Fumed, smoked Oak and Thermo treated oak floors all providing rich dark colours that will add warmth to any room.


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