American Walnut Lacquered

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American Walnut Lacquered

The American Walnut Lacquered flooring is an exceptional choice for any environment. Presented here with a lacquered finish, this specific lacquered walnut wood flooring is a versatile choice. American Walnut flooring has warm chocolate tones making this timber flooring one of the most sought-after products in our portfolio. The warm chocolate tones combined with the lacquered finish make this walnut wood flooring an essential for the home. With a distinct finish, the lacquered walnut flooring is ideal for those looking for a darker shades, and contrast with wooden flooring. Highly prized for furniture, the American walnut is one of the most stunning floors money can buy. The warm colours and instant luxury appeal with hard-wearing finishes make this product ideal for retail and hospitality floors where it’s all about the ‘look’.