Reclaimed Wood Flooring

At Urbane Living we offer a beautiful range of reclaimed wood flooring. Our reclaimed flooring comes from a number of sources, such as barns. Barn oak flooring is crafted from the beautiful beams used in old raised barns. We also source our reclaimed timber flooring from factories, schools and railway wagons.

Choosing to use reclaimed wood floorboards in your space is an excellent way of getting stylish flooring that is also eco-conscious. By its very nature, using reclaimed timber for flooring is a highly sustainable and ethical choice.

We offer reclaimed wood flooring in all designs, including parquet, chevron, panel and herringbone.

Reclaimed Oak Flooring Has A Unique Patina

Our range is primarily reclaimed oak wood flooring. This timber is very durable, coming from mature trees felled hundreds of years ago. Those years of slow growth mean it will have hardened over time into a hardy wood that is ideal for floorboards.

This reclaimed oak flooring has a unique appearance thanks to the exquisite patina – a result of the ageing process on the wood. Finishes can also be applied to the wood to give it a style and feel to suit your space. One of our favourite finishes is a traditional Beeswax polish, enhancing the wood even further.

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