Heritage Reclaimed Barn Oak Oiled Planks

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Heritage Reclaimed Barn Oak Oiled Planks

About Our Reclaimed Barn Oak Planks Hard Wax Oiled Wood Flooring

Room setting pictures have had additional smoked treatment to darken the Oak

Our Heritage Reclaimed Oak uses the same barn oak as our Premier Reclaimed Oak but without the hand made bevels and beeswax polish:

  1. Finest Quality Reclaimed Oak Sourced from Old Structures: Reclaimed oak beams that are at least 200 years old, sourced from old barns, warehouses, and buildings. The fact that the oak comes from slow-growing trees adds to the wood's hardness and stability. This historical and quality aspect sets apart reclaimed oak from new oak floors that use wood grown quickly for harvest.

  2. Engineered Wood Construction: The oak beams are processed into lamellas and bonded to high-quality Birch ply as a counterbalance layer. This engineered construction not only ensures durability but also makes the wood floor compatible with modern underfloor heating systems, catering to the practical needs of contemporary construction.

  3. Preservation of Character: The insides of the old beams retain character marks such as nail holes, joints, splits in the timber, and worm holes. This highlights the authenticity and history of the wood during the manufacturing process the timber is treated to remove any insects, addressing a common concern.

  4. Options to Customise: Our Heritage Reclaimed Oak has the option as unfinished for finishing on site or with a Smoked Treatment to provide a more brown tones and finished with a Hard Waxoil finish.

Finish: Unfinished, Stained, Raw Effect Lacquer, Hard Waxoil
Treatments: Smoked or natural
Structure: Engineered 2 layer Birch ply counter-balance layer
Widths: 120 to 220mm always mixed
Thickness/Wear Layer: 20/5.5mm
Plank Lengths: 1000mm-2400mm
Herringbone: 70 x 350mm, 120 x 600mm,  160 x 800mm
Chevron: 70 x 350mm, 120 x 600mm,  160 x 800mm
Grades: Rustic
Formats: Plank, Herringbone, Chevron, Design Panels, Custom Shapes