Viscose, Tencel & Man-Made Fibre Carpets

Inspiration from our West London Showroom

Viscose and Tencel are made from wood chip fibres and then processed into fibres suitable for weaving. Tencel is a branded type of Viscose manufactured using environmentally friendly processes. The feel of viscose and tencel is incredibly soft and feels like silk. The very fine fibres provide a velvet like texture to the carpet. Tencel whilst still more delicate than other fibres is harder wearing than Viscose. Mixed with Wool, tencel carpets offer the durability of wool whilst adding soft luxurious feel. Nylon carpets are a man-made fibre and offer a hardwearing carpet that is softer to touch than wool. Speak to one of our specialists who can provide measuring and carpet planning service. Our showrooms have a massive range of samples to help you choose the perfect carpet for your home. We look forward to meeting you at our Chiswick W4 London Store.