American Walnut Flooring

Luxurious American Black Walnut, scientifically known as Julgans Nigra comprising dark chocolate brown tones. Additionally the gentle swirling structure of the grain becomes calming and pleasing to the eye. Mostly grown in the Eastern United States for slow and carefully managed timber. The scarcity of the black walnut and demand for use in furniture certainly puts this flooring at the premium end of the market.

American Walnut is available in 2 grades: Prime Grade or Rustic. A prime grade floor gives less knots and crucially less sap. Sap creates a blonde colour often found at the edges of the timber. The rustic floor is also differentiated by prominent filed and sanded hard knots, giving a rustic unique aged appearance and maintains a smooth finish.

Contrasting the dark warmth of walnut flooring with furniture and objects gives a rich ambiance to a room. Consider green foliage and golds for a classic but inviting space for home or commerce.

Urbane Living use exclusively old growth timbers imported from North America. These are manufactured in both engineered and solid walnut flooring.

Our extensive range in walnut flooring allows wide boards up to an impressive 500mm wide and 4m in length. Other formats include the popular Herringbone design, Chevron, and Parquet panels. As our floors are manufactured to order, we allow a wide variety of finishes and treatments. This includes oiled, lacquered, raw effect and beeswax finish.

Looking for European Walnut Floors? View European Walnut floors with a lighter tone. This has more variation in the grain and colour. Ideal for those that are looking for a vibrant timber full of natural character. In order to learn more visit our London flooring store or browse our range online to view more.

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