Herringbone Flooring

Herringbone wood flooring is a versatile design for floors. It is the most used design after plank flooring. Herringbone flooring is a more affordable pattern as manufacturing the pieces creates less wastage. The design looks equally good in small and large spaces. A single line plank border or a 2 line block border can be incorporated into the floor design which will allow each room to have its own starting position, e.g in the centre of a fireplace or window.

Laying a herringbone pattern will take longer during installation. Especially if a border design is required around the perimeter of the room. The supply and installation will be approximately 15 – 20% more than a plank floor. Expect due to the increased labour costs and wastage when fitting.

Please note that nearly all our plank flooring products are also available in herringbone format. This is just a small selection of our herringbone engineered wood flooring.

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