Dark Wood Flooring Ideas & Style Guide

Dark Oak Basketweave Parquet Wood Flooring
Duke Oak - dark wood flooring

Why choose a dark wood floor?

Dark wood floors will provide warmth to a room, make it feel cosy and add a touch of drama to the room. With carful design choices a dark tone floors can make a spectacular finish. The key to making it work is contrast and lighting. Some of our most successful projects have been with deep browns, blacks and charcoal colour floors

Dark Pitcairn Oak Chevron Wood Flooring
Pitcairn Oak Chevron

When not to choose a dark wood floor

Dark colour floors need to have contrast to their surroundings, so if you have a dark kitchen units or walls then the space will start to feel enclosed and cause difficulties for the visually impaired. Lighting is essential, a room that is poorly lit whether naturally or not will not make a comfortable environment.colour

Do dark wood floors show scratches easily?

It depends on the finish. The higher quality products will tend to have many layers of finish to achieve the dark finish and thus making a durable finish. Avoid very flat colours or those with no texture as dust, scratches and scuff marks can show. Texture such as a brushed surface will help light reflect off your floors at different angles and this minimising how much scratches show up.

Antiqua Oak Dark Oak Flooring
Antiqua Oak

Do dark wood floors make a room feel small?

To a certain degree dark floors will make a room feel smaller. However, sometimes a room can feel too sparse and cold if everything is left to a light colour. Don’t rule out dark wood floors for smaller rooms, opting for a white walls can offset the illusion.

Dark Val D'Isere Oak Flooring in Hallway
Val D'Isere Oak
American Walnut Planks Wood Flooring
American Walnut Planks

What are the dos and donts with dark wood floors?

Do consider the colours for the entire room, they all need to work together

Don’t opt for dark floors if you have poor lighting

Don’t skimp on price, to get good depth of colour requires either numerous layers of colour or timbers that are naturally dark like Walnut Flooring or Wenge

Do contrast walls and kitchen units to the floor with a light colour, white works very well.

Do add colour with soft furnishing or floral displays

Dark Thermo Brushed and Oiled in Living Room
Dark Thermo Oak Brushed

What products are available to buy?

Surprising there are many dark wood floors available.

Dark smoked oak and American walnut will provide a milk chocolate tones, while dark thermo oak will provide near black with slight reddish undertones. On the grey side you will find mid greys through to dark charcoal colours and then there is jet black, usually achieved through a painted finish.