Duke Oak Basketweave

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Duke Oak Basketweave

Black Oak parquet flooring. Basketweave Oak flooring parquet is available in most of our colours and finishes. A classic parquet floor. This floor has a non-directional pattern and will have an attractive design from all angles, ideal if a directional floor needs to be avoided such as retail floors. Basket weave is an in-laid parquet pattern so requires expert fitting and attention to detail to ensure it is correctly fitted. This Basketweave Oak flooring is made using engineered oak, brushed and finished with a hard waxoil finish. this floor is suitable for under floor heating. The dark tones in this floor create creates contrast, the basketweave pattern adds a layer of interest and helps to make this large space feel relaxed and calm. For more inspiration view our parquet gallery

Finish: Hard Waxoil
European Oak (Quercus Robur)
Widths: 180 / 220 / 240 / 260 / 300mm
Lengths: Random 800 - 2400mm (80% over 1800mm)
Thickness: 15/4mm or 20/6mm
Bevels: Long sides micro bevelled, short sides square shouldered
Delivery: 6 weeks from order
Formats: Plank, Herringbone, Chevron 45° or 30°, Design Panels, Custom Shapes

Grading for standard sizes:

Prime: Healthy knots (filled) with a maximum of 15 mm. No open defects, less colour variation. No sapwood and no end cracks allowed.

Rustic A: Healthy knots (filled) with a maximum of ± 35 mm. Less colour variation. No sapwood and no end cracks allowed.

Rustic AB: Healthy knots (filled) with a maximum of ± 60 mm (240 mm and wider up to ± 80 mm). Colour variation allowed. Occasionally a little sapwood permitted and end cracks of max.