Dark Smoked Oak Lacquered

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Smoked oak floors are a popular choice for both modern and traditional style homes. Dark smoked oak flooring has warm brown and near-black tones to give a natural texture and variety to your floors. Our smoked oak floors are hard wearing, brushed wood flooring with a premium lacquer finish. Available in Wide Plank, Herringbone, Chevron and Parquet Panels.

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Dark Smoked Oak Lacquered

How our Dark Smoked Oak Floors are made

Our dark smoked oak flooring is achieved by exposing the oak to ammonia in sealed tanks. For the dark tone to be achieved, the oak is left in the tanks for up to 3 days. The ammonia reacts with the tannins in the oak and changes the colour of the oak almost all the way through. The process creates a varied colour spectrum from medium browns to almost black tones. Thus colour variation from plank to plank is to be expected. This floor is highly customisable with options in smooth, brushed, oiled and lacquered finishes. Engineered to a high standard using 3-layer construction, with a 5mm oak wear layer and a 5mm oak counter balance layer.

Finish: Primer coat and 8 layers of hard wearing water based lacquer
2 Layer Structure: 4mm hardwood layer with Birch ply counter-balance layer, 11 and 15mm thickness (available in widths up to 200mm wide)
3 Layer Structure: 5mm hardwood layer with same hardwood used for counter-balance layer, 15 and 20mm thickness
Widths: 65, 90, 135, 165, 192, 200, 240, 290, 340-390, 440-500mm, up to 800mm
Plank Lengths: 600, 700, 1200-2400, 2000-4000mm, longer on request
Herringbone: 90 x 700 x 15mm, 135 x 700 x 15mm, 240 x 700 x 15mm
Chevron: 90 x 600 x 15mm, 135 x 700 x 15mm
Customisations: This product can be customised with various options such as large bevels, rounded bevels, hand worked surface etc
Grades: Prime A, Prime B, Rustic A, Rustic AB

Prime A: Healthy knots (filled) with a maximum of 3 mm. No open defects, minimal colour variation. No sapwood and no end cracks allowed.

Prime B: Healthy knots (filled) with a maximum of 8 mm. No open defects, slight colour variation. No sapwood and no end cracks allowed.

Rustic A: Healthy knots (filled) with a maximum of ± 35 mm. Less colour variation. No sapwood and no end cracks allowed.

Rustic AB: Healthy knots (filled) with a maximum of ± 60 mm (240 mm and wider up to ± 80 mm). Colour variation allowed. Occasionally a little sapwood permitted and end cracks of max. 100 mm allowed.



diagram showing plank widths available


diagram showing plank lengths