Why Choose Sisal Carpets

Sisal Carpets on Stairs

Sisal carpets are an attractive purchase, look in any interior design magazine and its likely to feature. The core appeal to many is the natural look sisal provides taking you a step closer to nature. It brings warmth and harmony into the home. 

What is it made from?

The sisal plant is commonly found in Central America, East Africa and Brazil. Strands of the fibres are stripped from the plant and left to dry in the sun. Sisal is naturally able to take colour stains and thus offering a huge choice in colour.

Is Sisal soft to touch?

No, sisal is more coarse to touch as it is a much thicker fibre than wool or Nylon carpets. However remember that its normally your feet that touch the carpet which are less sensitive than your hands. The tighter woven designs will feel harder than the bigger loosely woven designs which will provide more comfort. However don’t be put off, the reason you are considering sisal carpets is that they provide a wonderful natural look.

How much does Sisal cost?

Sisal is surprisingly good value, cheaper than a wool carpet. However they can be a little more to install than a traditional carpet as there are extra costs for the adhesives and fitting. 

What designs are available in Sisal carpets

The great thing about sisal is that there are so many designs or weave patterns, here are just a few avaialble:

Boucle – The most popular is Small Boucle, as it is hard weaving and the most economical, the big boucle is a slightly chunkier version. View our Sisal Boucle range

Herringbone – This is one of our favourites, an attractive design and looks great on stairs. View Sisal Herringbone carpets

Panama – a bigger weave where the yarns of fibre are slightly elongated. available in flatter weave and more chunky weaves.

Thicker woven Sisal – the larger woven sisal carpets add a greater feel of texture, comfort and luxury. 

Sisool – A play on words of mixing Sisal and Wool; Sisool Carpets. One of our favourite style of sisal.


Sisal Small Boucle C659

Why is it popular for Property Developers and Landlords?

There are 2 reasons why developers and landlords come to us for Sisal carpets. Firstly a sisal carpet will definitely give that homely yet interior designed look and will stand out in pictures. Secondly, sisal carpets are relatively inexpensive which is what developers love.

Will it stain easily?

In short yes, our recommendation is to have the carpet protected with Intec stain protection treatment. Whilst Intec is not bullet proof it will give a level of protection. We also recommend choosing a carpet that has some variation such as yarn with colour fleck and or a design with pattern.

Is sisal durable?

Sisal is a tough fibre and will wear well on stairs and high traffic areas, especially the tighter woven designs like Boucle and Herringbone. 

Is sisal moth proof?

Moths don’t like the large fibres of sisal making it naturally resistant to moths.

Should i buy a sisal carpet?

Its a bit like Marmite, you either love it or hate it, personally we love it!