European Walnut Lacquered

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European Walnut Lacquered

European Walnut flooring is a highly prized wood floor due to its unusual grain patterns; warm colour finishing properties, the heartwood varies in colour but is usual greyish brown with irregular dark streaks. The sapwood is paler and clearly distinct from the hartwood. Fairly straight in grain, but can be wavy and produce beautifully figured wood. European Walnut flooring finishes very well providing an excellent polished finish. Harder than American Walnut flooring so less susceptible to dents. A highly sought after variation of our engineered walnut flooring range, these boards are produced to the highest standard, ensuring that the aesthetics of the board are as desirable as possible and that they perform to their highest ability.

As special order and subject to availability we can now supply wide boards 240 – 440mm and lengths 2000 – 4000mm

Finish: Lacquered
Structure: Engineered 3 layer (same hardwood used for counter-balance layer), 2 layer Birch ply counter-balance layer)
Widths: 65, 90, 135, 165, 192, 240, 290, 340-390, 440-440mm
Thickness/Wear Layer: 11/4.2mm, 14/3mm, 14/4mm, 15/5mm , 20/5mm
Plank Lengths: 600, 700, 1200-2400, 1800-3200mm, longer on request
Herringbone: 90 x 700 x 14mm, 135 x 700 x 14mm
Chevron: 90 x 600 x 14mm, 135 x 700 x 14mm
Grades: Rustic AB, Rustic A, Prime
Formats: Plank, Herringbone, Chevron, Design Panels, Custom Shapes