Arta (2 Colours)

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Arta (2 Colours)

A re-working of a weaver’s favourite ‘Orkney (c.1994)’, traditionally designed to use up leftover yarn. A wide spectrum of multicolour in both vivid and pastel tones. Named after the multi-faceted, kaleidoscopic colours found in precious stones.

Sitting atop a soft neutral background Arta Opal blends soft pastel toned dotted pairs of antique pink, catkin, olive and spring green.

Arta Tourmaline uses vibrant jewel toned dotted pairs of coral, magenta, amethyst and turquoise; inspired by the A Rum Fellow palette.

Bespoke widths and colours available over 20 LM

Material: 100% British Wool

Delivery & Availability
Approx. 6-12 weeks depending on stock availability

Installation & Maintenance
Specialist Flatweave fitting required - can be professionally cleaned


Design Type

Runner Width


Delivery Time