Grey Wood Flooring Style Guide


Grey wood flooring, whether dark or light, can beautifully compliment a range of styles of interior design. From homes to offices, the right shade of grey will perfectly accent your room.

What is your style?

Before setting out looking at colours you will need to decide on your style. Literally we have 50 shades of grey and not all will suit your design. Consider if you are looking something contemporary, classic or to suit period homes. For inspiration view our Instagram page.

Bellever Dark Grey Aged Oak Wood Floor
Bellever Oak - Dark Grey Aged Oak Floor
Dark Grey Wood flooring - Antigua Oak
Dark Grey Wood - Antigua Oak

They provide warmth

Don’t think that dark grey floors will make your room look gloomy. On the contrary dark tones will add warmth. Charcoal and black tones are excellent at providing contrast and definition to your interior design. Rooms with lots of natural light are ideal such as open plan kitchens with large patio doors.

Pitcairn Oak Charcoal Grey Wood Floors
Pitcairn Oak

Light grey tones for a touch of calmness

With lighter grey colours, your design will help lighten darker rooms and make the room feel calm. Added with white walls and soft white bed sheets bring about tranquillity. 

Langham Oak Silver Grey Tone
Langham Oak Silvery grey wood flooring
Montague Grey Oak
Montague Oak

Rustic or Prime Grade?

Consider the grade of your flooring which will have a big impact on the look. The grade of timber is more about the aesthetics than quality. Timber is sorted into grades with prime grade timbers selected without knots and little variation and more rustic grades with knots and character. Prime grade will set a more formal look. Rustic grades with more knots provide character and rustic charm.

Light Grey Langham Oak Wood Flooring
light grey Langham oak

Are floors in grey wood out of fashion?

Its true grey floors were the most popular colour for quite sometime. However, there is good reason for their popularity and we see no reason why this should change. Grey tones are very easy to design with as they can compliment many other colours without clashing. Added the fact that grey is actually a natural colour for wood floors, picture your garden fence and how they turn grey with exposure to UV light.

If you still not entirely convinced consider brown tones with a touch of grey.

View our grey wood flooring collection

Harley Oak
Dorchester Elm Brown and Grey Engineered Wood Flooring
Dorchester Elm, Engineered wood flooring with warm grey tones with smoked effect
Dominica Oak Flooring
Dominica Oak
Grosvenor Grey Oak Flooring
Grosvenor Grey Oak
andermatt oak Grey Wood Flooring
Andermatt oak Grey Wood Flooring