Bespoke Wood Floors

Good wood flooring will last generations. Therefore getting the best result for your project is important to Urbane Living. We are a London specialist in fine wood flooring supplying bespoke wood floors in some of the finest homes and properties in the metropolitan area, and all over the UK

Wide Boards

Our bespoke wood floor service can source timber that is up to a massive 80cm wide. Wide boards need longer lengths. For this reason we regularly supply over 3m and up to to 12m on occasion. Urbane Living source the timber, have our supplier expertly kiln and manufacture the flooring to our standards.

Custom Finishes

An ability to create authentic finishes for our clients is what sets us apart from others. With a wide range of techniques to bring out the true beauty of timber we deliver beautiful products. Processes include shrinking timbers, sand blasting, hand bevelling, wax polishing, honing and hand brushing. Bespoke wood floors are what can make a truly impressive flooring for the finest buildings.


Marquetry is the application of different panels to create a pattern. This is often by using dark and light woods, but there is also an age old artisan skill in using different materials to inlay patterns including brass, pewter, mother of pearl or marble. The term is French and originates from the great cabinet makers of the 17th Century. Therefore for a truly original and bespoke wood floor contact us for further information.

Unusual Timbers

The beauty of wood floors is in the stunning array of colours and grain that can be used give an original, contemporary,  yet steeped in tradition look to your home. Urbane Living can manufacture engineered flooring from a large selection of timbers available European Walnut, Birds Eye Maple, Olive, Rift Sawn Oak, Quarter Sawn Oak, European Elm, American Elm, Swiss Pear and many more. In conclusion if you are wanting to create an original authentic bespoke wood floor get in touch and we can help realise your project.