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Providing high quality flooring and wallcoverings to interior designers, specifiers and discerning clients since 2004.

Our Ethos

Quality –  Take the long view. Promote quality materials that age well and improve with the years resulting in cost savings in the long run and minimal impact on the environment.

Functionality –  Provide products that serve as real backgrounds for living. Materials function to enhance the basic qualities of light and space, furnishings that bring comfort, practicality, and simplicity to the forefront, timeless surfaces and finishes that are environmentally friendly. A great example is our American black walnut flooring; a high quality product which lasts for years.

Health –  Offer healthy materials that are non-polluting in manufacture or use. Avoid products that emit harmful vapours, toxins, radiation or electric fields of any type. Promote products made from sustainable and ecological natural materials and that are pleasant and safe to use. Mindful of the health effects of chemicals and additives that permeate our homes and the damage they already caused to the environment.

Ecology –  Promote environmentally sound materials. Products made from renewable and abundant sources; using low energy to produce, transport, and use; minimise waste and recyclable; and that support fair trade and traditional crafts. We believe it is important for our homes to be harmonious with the natural environment. Designing home interiors with ecology and health in mind not only protects our planet but we can also benefit ourselves in many ways. Click here to read about the benefits of buying green.

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