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Walnut Flooring: Popular Styles


Walnut flooring is available in a variety of forms and arrangements, including either solid or engineered wood, as well as straight panels or parquet layouts. This type of wooden flooring can also be finished in different ways depending on the tastes of the individual and the function of the flooring.

Distressed/ Aged

The distressed/aged look is highly effective on walnut flooring for those desiring a traditional appearance, as this finish gives the impression that the wood has been hand-scraped, as it would have been before machine sanding became common practice. The subtle imperfections of distressed walnut flooring create a unique finish, enhancing the natural qualities of the wood and reflecting light in a beautiful and unusual manner.


Oiled walnut flooring gives off a vintage finish for a classic & natural feel. It terms of practicality, this option is highly durable and therefore suitable for areas of high traffic within the home, such as hallways. However, to maintain the high-quality finish, oiled walnut flooring requires regular maintenance, and is much more susceptible to stains from grease and corrosive substances such as bleach.


Lacquered walnut flooring is available in either a matt, gloss or high gloss finish to create the perfect look for your living environment. The lacquer is a varnish which is applied to the flooring to create a protective layer, as well as to achieve your desired finish. Lacquer is relatively water resistant, meaning spills can be easily removed from the surface. On the other hand, it can be scuffed or scratched, and will require resealing from time to time, however a good lacquer should last for decades.