Rewmar MS650 Sausage Adhesive


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Rewmar MS650 Sausage Adhesive

Rewmar MS650 is a Gun grade MS Polymer flexible flooring adhesive that is suitable for the installation of any wooden floor to almost any subfloor. It has a stiffer formulation than MS600 as it is designed to be used for applications where a higher ridge formation is required. It can be used as liquid batten or in conjunction with the slotted mat to form part of the ‘acoustic system’. One sausage can cover approximately 1.6m² @ 150mm centres. It is packaged in boxes containing 12 number 600ml sausages and two nozzles.

Coverage: Approximately 1m2 per 800-900g using notched trowel B11, depending on the condition and absorbency of the subfloor.

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