Rewmar MS Polymer Adhesive


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Rewmar MS Polymer Adhesive

Rewmar MS Polymer is a one part, modified silane based flexible wood flooring adhesive. It is suitable for sticking down any species of wooden flooring to almost any subfloor. When dry it has a high bond strength between the wooden floor and the subfloor but remains permanently flexible. This allows the flooring to move as the seasons change but it will not crack, and the floor will stay adhered to subfloor. If any adhesive is left on the surface of the wood it is easy to remove either wet or dry (following day) and no special chemicals are required

Pack Size: 12kg (2 x 6kg foil bags)

Pallet Qty: 44 Boxes (528kg)
Coverage: 12m² (1m² per kg of adhesive)
Application Method: 6mm V notch trowel
Open working time: 20 – 30 minutes
Unopened Shelf Life: 12 months

apply using 6mm V notch trowel.

Weight 0.1 kg