250 Dewdrop


Interior or exterior use
use on wood or metal
Sample pots available

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250 Dewdrop

AURO Eco Paints. AURO 250 Gloss paints is suitable for internal or external use on wood or metal. Available in white or a range of naturally tinted premixed colours.
Unlike acrylics, Auro solvent free gloss paint are not prone to cracking and peeling. The exterior gloss system is expected to last 3 – 5 years when properly applied. They are both tough and flexible, but because no volatile solvents or chemical hardeners are used, drying times are dependent on temperature and humidity to a greater extent than with conventional paints.
Conditions should be cool and moist (temperatures not exceeding 21 Celcius) to avoid over rapid drying of paint during application. On the other hand, after painting, warm dry conditions are desirable to speed up completion of the job. Good ventilation should be maintained at all times. Dust dry after approx. 8-10 hours, dry and workable after approx. 24 hours, cured after approx. 5 days.
We always recommend using our 253 Undercoat with this product as a complete system for best results.
0.375 litres = approximately 5m2
0.75 = approximately 10m2
2.5 litres = approximately 31m2
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