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Parquet Flooring: Popular Styles


Parquet flooring is the term used to refer to wooden flooring laid in patterns consisting of small pieces of wood. Urbane Living offer a wide selection of parquet floors, below are a few of the most popular


Herringbone is the most popular option for parquet flooring across the wooden flooring industry. It is so called because the pattern in which it is laid is considered to vaguely resemble the bone structure of a fish such as a herring. This distinctive pattern is made up of small blocks of wood laid diagonally in rows. Herringbone parquet flooring offers a practical and flexible solution which provides a pleasant backdrop for both traditional and contemporary interior furnishings.


Chevron parquet flooring is largely similar to the Herringbone style, the only difference being that the ends of the blocks of wood are angled to create a sharper, more arrow-like chevron pattern. As standard, there are two different options for chevron flooring; with angles of either 45 or 60 degrees. The 60-degree options is a little more distinctive, whereas 45 degrees is closer to a Herringbone style.


Panel flooring, of which Versailles is one of many designs is a more complex pattern than Herringbone or Chevron. Versailles parquet flooring derives its name from the grand Château de Versailles, once home to the French monarchy and the location of the first parquet flooring of this type. Maintaining a sense of royalty, this decadent and elegant style typically consists of small squares of wood surrounded by longer, thinner pieces.

As well as different patterns, parquet flooring is available in a wide variety of wood types, and can also be created using either solid or engineered wood. This means parquet floors are available in different colours and shades and can be finished in a range of different stains to achieve exactly the look you require.