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Grey Wood Flooring: Popular Styles


Grey wood flooring has become remarkably popular in recent years, being considered a fashionable fit for contemporary homes, whilst also working well with carefully selected traditional furnishings. Here we outline a few of the favourite types and styles.


Many grey wood flooring options are made from oak due to its naturally cooler colouring and greyish tones. Oak is also a solid, trustworthy wood which has proven its reliability through centuries of use for many different purposes. Choosing the type of wood for a grey flooring is just one factor, though; you must also decide on how you want it to be arranged and finished. Oak is particularly good at taking on complex colour treatments such as reactive agents, which are stains that react with the tannins in the oak and fuming. Combining these treatments with brushing to provide texture and layering with coloured oils results in 1000s of colour choices.


Parquet flooring is a great option for those wanting to arrange a grey wood flooring in a specific pattern. Classic choices are those such as herringbone and chevron, which are fairly similar and differ only in terms of the angles to which the blocks of wood are cut. More complex and intricate designs for grey parquet flooring can also be arranged.

Wide Plank

Wide plank grey flooring gives off a particularly stunning appearance against very contemporary interiors and light-coloured decoration. Its classic but simplistic nature pairs well with the current trend of minimalism, yet is unlikely to date as fashion trends evolve.

All types of grey wood flooring are available both as solid hardwood or as engineered wood, according to your personal requirements and preferences.