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Why Consider Parquet Flooring for Houses?


Whether you’re moving into a new-build or thinking of refurbishing your 100-year-old home, laying down flooring of any kind is always an expense, and opting for the cheapest product available to you is always almost a case of false economy. At Urbane Living we offer a range of flooring options suitable for a variety of different requirements. Parquet flooring is a popular option for homes thanks to its stylish appearance and high quality. Here are just a few of the reasons we love it.



Parquet flooring is made up of several layers of wood, which means that it is more stable than solid wood flooring, which reacts to its conditions and can expand or shrink in relation to the heat and humidity of its surroundings. The way parquet flooring is structured also means that it is resistant to damages, so if you have young children around or are prone to dropping things, you don’t need to worry about the wear and tear this will cause to your flooring, as you might with solid wood flooring. All this means that parquet flooring has a long lifetime, so investing in parquet flooring for your home is a one-off cost which you won’t have to pay again for a significant amount of time.

Another advantage of parquet flooring is that it is easy to clean; any spills can be immediately wiped up without risk of stain. Unlike carpets, parquet flooring doesn’t harbour dust which means that it can be easily vacuumed and cleaned to prevent the build-up of bacteria.


Of course, contemporary interior fashion dictates that flooring in our homes must not only serve a practical and functional purpose but also look fantastic. Thankfully, parquet flooring fits the bill here, and can be laid in different patterns and stained in a variety of colours to suit your personal preferences. Whatever style you’re going for, parquet flooring can help you to get it is right, since it is suitable for a range of different rooms and situations, including living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms.

Since parquet flooring is long lasting, it is a great advantage that it is a fairly neutral choice and fits well with different style of décor. You probably will want to change your furniture more often than you need to change your flooring, so the fact that parquet flooring is suitable for many different colours and styles is a huge bonus.

Value for Money

Cost-effectiveness is always a priority when parting with a significant sum of money for any product. Since parquet flooring has such a long lifetime, it is worth the investment of the initial cost. In addition to this, the cost of parquet flooring is usually lower than that of solid wood flooring, so it has the advantages of being high-quality and long-lasting without such a high price tag.

You can see our range of parquet flooring options here or contact us to discuss your requirements.